Did the Strawberry Rhubarb make your stressful week melt away? Was the Mexican Chocolate Mousse the big highlight of the party? Tell us your pie story. (Your comments may be posted on the website.)

Share your A la Mode Pies experience!


Did the Strawberry Rhubarb make your stressful week melt away? Was the Mexican Chocolate Mousse the big highlight of the party? Tell us your pie story.


(Your comments may be posted on our website.)


Missy B (Seattle, WA)

"Reserved a time to do a pie-tasting for our wedding next month, and came away rather excited, delighted (and full!). Chris met us promptly and went over the menu options as one of the servers brought out several slices of their pies. He made a lot of great suggestions, as we want to be able to offer some options to our guests, and he wrote up a quote before we left. The Marionberry pie was amazing... so good. The crusts on the pies were flakey and delicious. Love the Mexican Chocolate, Blue Hawaiian and Key Lime. Cool thing is also having the option of ordering something different than a full-size pie - the PieBabies and the LolliPies (pies-on-a-stick). Probably good that we don't live closer, as it would be easy to stop by too often! Also, nice to have parking in the lot next door, since so close to the zoo and a busy area."


Susan Bloch (Seattle, WA)

“This is the apple pie you dream of. Full of juicy apples, not too sweet, and the pastry perfectly crisp and tantalizing as you take that first bite. If you want to delight your family and friends, order the Spiced Apple – it’s the perfect dessert. Ours arrived in a beautiful box and was still warm from the oven, exuding fresh apple pie aromas.”


Diane Bach (Bothell, WA)

“A la Mode Pies makes by far the best pies! Not only was the kind young man who delivered them dependable on the doorstep-delivery for our Christmas Eve family gathering, but the presentation included a thoughtfully wrapped red bow in addition to the beautiful pies inside each box. The oohs and ahhs were nonstop as we dug into our pies – the Apple and Ginger Pear (wow!), the Key Lime, and the creamy Bluebird Ice Cream was a nice added touch. Everyone kept saying what an unusual and excellent-tasting combination the Apple and Ginger Pear was and the Key Lime was heavenly-light and had the most superb tasting graham cracker crust! Compliments just kept coming as we dug into the best pies we’d enjoyed since Mom used to make them. One thoughtful compliment was that I’d just raised the bar on all future events!”


Kimberley Hart (Redmond, WA)

“Thank you for delivering the pies fresh from the oven last Tuesday. The presentation was lovely and I thought the tag with the date the pie was baked was perfect. Fortunately, after gifting a pie to each of our vendors, we had one extra pie, so we got to eat one ourselves. It was the apple pie, and the most delicious apple pie I have ever had – no joke! It was perfectly baked – not mushy or crunch like most I have had. I hope your Christmas season is busy and full of wonderful smells in the kitchen!”


Susan Treder (Seattle, WA)

“The LolliPies were a complete success – a total hit. Everyone exclaimed with delight when I brought them out and gobbled every last one. They kept remarking on how fun and creative it was. You’ve really hit on something with the LolliPies. Besides being irresistibly cute, they are delicious – especially with a dollop of the vanilla ice cream. Well done! Thank you for your part in making this party such a big hit.”


Amy Duchene (Seattle, WA)

“Wow! I was so pleased to win free pies from your awesome Twitter contest, but was not prepared for the deliciousness that ensued. It’s hard to pick a favorite – each of the flavors (choc-pecan, key lime, french apple, and blue hawaiian) are so different. Thank goodness for the mini-pack which allowed me to sample all four flavors without too much waistline guilt. Thank you!”


Shanna Sukol (Seattle, WA)

“As a dinner party treat, I asked several friends to choose an A la Mode Pie for dessert. I was delighted they picked the Chocolate-Caramel Pecan Tart. The tart was delivered to my doorstep, it was a huge hit and my guests felt spoiled by the option of choosing their favorite of the menu.”


Jacque Boyd (West Seattle, WA)

“I sent A la Mode Pies as Holiday gifts to several of my clients, and they were a definite hit! Several emailed to tell me how much the whole office was enjoying them. My favorite is the sour cherry pie. It reminds me of my grandmother’s pies made from fresh-picked cherries from our ranch’s abundant orchard.”


Kristen Clifton (West Seattle, WA)

“I ordered a rhubarb tart for our Mother’s Day celebration. Everything exceeded my expectations: from the friendly delivery to our doorstep, the beautiful packaging, and the absolutely delicious taste and texture of this gorgeous pie. Every bite was savored, and we got lots of compliments. We are going to celebrate all of our special occasions with a different homemade pie from A la Mode Pies. I can’t wait for our next one!”

Sara F (Seattle, WA)

"The pies are really good! In my opinion a piece of pie is all about the crust and their crusts are amazing. They serve ice cream and coffee as well. I never was a fan of pies but definitely a fan of the pies they make. I ordered the French Apple pie and it was really good. Looking forward to try more flavors!"


Justin F (Seattle, WA)

"Just bought a Strawberry Rhubarb pie yesterday for a birthday party. Perfect experience pre-ordering the pie online. Picked up the pie 18 hours later in the shop (seamless and friendly). Pie blew the family away. A+  Couldn't endorse A la Mode more highly. Can't wait for another reason to order a pie. What a great addition to Phinney Ridge."


Erin F (Seattle, WA)

"This place was awesome. We went to A la Mode for a study break and got the Strawberry Rhubarb pie and the A la Mocha Almond Fudge. Both were awesome. We also got the bourbon "pie shake" where they take a slice of pie and blend it with Bluebird Ice Cream. I highly recommend this place to TREAT YOURSELF, affordably."


Alicia Eimers (Bellevue, WA)

“I ordered A la Mode’s Pumpkin Pie with Ginger Streusel for our company’s Thanksgiving lunch. The pie was an instant hit and now, at the insistence of my colleagues, A la Mode is a sought after staple at all of our company potlucks. These pies are truly phenomenal!”


Mary Kirkpatrick (Seattle, WA)

“Typically, when I bring a homemade pie to a family dinner my mom makes another ‘just in case’. This year, I surprised everyone with A la Mode’s White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. Not only was the crust buttery and flakey, the filling was totally unique – a celebrated change to the uninspired pumpkin and apple pies of the season. The line for seconds resembled an Olympic competition and Mom’s ‘just in case’ pie stayed in the fridge. The next day I ordered two more pies for Christmas.”


Dorelie Gilbert (Shoreline, WA)

“A la Mode’s Blue Hawaiian Pie was the perfect thank you to a caring staff at Swedish Hospital following my husband’s heart bypass surgery. A la Mode handled all the delivery details, the box was beautifully wrapped and the pie was still warm when it arrived. The staff said it was ‘truly, the best pie they’ve ever tasted’. A la Mode Pies is a class act!”


Adam Shapiro (Seattle, WA)

“The French Apple Pie is absolutely delicious. Even after fair warning, my friends were literally blown away at how great it tasted.”


Adam Bjaranson (Portland, OR)

“These are the THE BEST pies I’ve ever had – and I’d like to feel like a bit of a connoisseur about pies.”


Josh Platt (Seattle, WA)

“The cherry pie we received yesterday was fabulous, kudos from a long suffering pie snob. Great crust, nice balance of tart and sweet.”


Victoria Lo (Seattle, WA)

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to try A la Mode’s 4-mini pie sampler pack, and even more surprised when I saw the beautiful presentation and the larger-than-expected size of each flavor. My boyfriend and I enjoyed all the flavors but our top favorites were definitely the light-as-air Key Lime and Blue Hawaiian. You can taste the from-scratch care and love in each bite. I consider myself a dessert snob and A la Mode did not disappoint!”


Carmen Lee (Vancouver BC)

“The sour cherry pie was so good – I wish I lived closer to get another one. People thought I was a bit crazy to drive down for the day for pie…that was one of the many errands but the most enjoyable!!! Can’t wait to come by again for pie!”


Amy Asseff (Cleveland, OH)

“I do believe, when I get to the Pearly Gates of Heaven, St. Peter will hand me an A la Mode Strawberry Rhubarb pie. Absolutely DIVINE!”


Chanda Mines (Alaska)

“My daughter attends SPU and every few months I order her a pie from A la Mode Pies. All the girls in the dorm have completely LOVED each one! Thank you for all your great work and best of luck to you!!”

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