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"Quite simply, exceptional pie – the kind Mom would be proud to serve."
— Chris Porter (Owner)

Pie making is a nostalgic art form..

Growing up, my favorite thing for lunch was a frosted fruit pie. It was a treat packed with hidden sentiment as my Mom would only include one in my sack lunch on special occasions – like my birthday or the first day of school. As an accomplished cook, it meant a lot considering how much she prided herself on making things from scratch. Most nights, I would watch her in the kitchen prepare a myriad of dishes with a Midas touch. Mom taught me that patience, technique and invention in the kitchen is often rewarded with wide eyes and happy taste buds.


As an adult, my curiosity and creative skills outside of the kitchen translated into a successful career as a television news reporter and as a director of public relations. But, like my Mother, my true passion has always been deeply rooted in the kitchen.


Today, my vision for A la Mode Pies is not just to re-create Mom’s recipes, but reinvent them using imagination and high-quality ingredients. We create pies and tarts that look as good as they taste – no sprinkles, frosting or grocery store gimmicks. Quite simply, exceptional pie – the kind Mom would be proud to serve.

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